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In your general terms and conditions, you can lay down rules that are valid for all contracts that you conclude. To limit your business risks as much as possible, it is important that your general terms and conditions match your specific business situation. For example, if you sell products, there are different risks to renting out or providing services.

When drawing up your general terms and conditions, you must also take into account your insurances for certain risks and the organisation of your business processes.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, your company can fall back on your general terms and conditions.

This stops you facing any legal surprises. For that reason, it is important that your terms and conditions are set up correctly and that they protect your business against commercial risks.

But drafting terms and conditions is only half the story. It is very important that your general terms and conditions are also used in the right way. If you do not use them properly, you run the risk of them being invalid.

What are terms and conditions?

General terms and conditions contain rules that apply to all agreements that you conclude. For example, you can include provisions for the payment term, which court has jurisdiction in case of disputes or agreements about liability. By using terms and conditions, you can limit your risks. It is therefore important that your terms and conditions match your specific situation as much as possible and that your terms and conditions are up to date.

Why are terms and conditions important?

General terms and conditions ensure that all standard agreements are in writing. This way, it is clear to both parties what rights and obligations they have when they do business with each other. In addition, general terms and conditions may offer benefits to those who provide them. Good terms and conditions can limit your risks. For example, by including a liability clause in your terms and conditions.

What is included in the terms and conditions?

The content of the general terms and conditions may vary from organisation to organisation. It is important that the general terms and conditions match the specific situation. Generally, the following sections are mentioned in the terms and conditions:

  • Payment and debt collection
  • Liability
  • Force majeure
  • Suspension and dissolution
  • Complaints handling
  • Confidentiality
  • Applicable law and competent court

What can we do for you?

As a professional, you will have to deal with various contracts. We can help you draft and review these contracts or provide you with advice when agreements in the contract are not fulfilled.

Specialists in general conditions

At Bierens Law, we have a large team of lawyers specialising in contract law and drafting general conditions. Within our team, several lawyers have completed the Grotius specialisation course in contracts; the most comprehensive post-academic training in the area of ​​contract law.

Every day we check many contracts and general terms and conditions. We can help with the drafting of, and give legal advice on, the use of general conditions.

Adjust your general terms and conditions

Are you in need of a set of terms and conditions? Then we can prepare them for you. You will then receive a set of general terms and conditions that are fully geared to your business operations.

Advice on the use of general conditions

Want to know if you use your general terms and conditions correctly? We give you advice on the use of your general conditions.

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