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Do you want to expand your reach and sales market? Are your resources limited and currently you are not able to do so? Then you can hire a commercial agent or representative to mediate in the creation of purchase agreements between your company and new customers. The agreements you make about this are then laid down in an agency agreement.

Drafting an international agency agreement

The drafting of an international agency agreement is custom-made in most cases. In addition, you must take into account that various legal provisions must be included in the contract. These provisions aim to protect the position of the commercial agent but are different in each country e.g setting legal deadlines for terminating an agency agreement.

Our lawyers can help you draw up legally strong agency agreements that match your specific business situation.

Advice about international agency agreements

Enabling a commercial agent who mediates for contracts at a certain fee often provides additional benefits for your organisation. However, it is possible that there is a discussion about a provision from the contract. In that case, you can always contact our team of international lawyers. They always give you clear, fair advice about your situation.


When drafting international agency agreements, it is important to supply documents, including contracts, in both your language and the language of your landlord. English is the common language for international business, so it may be that documents are provided in English as well. However, to avoid anything being ‘lost in translation’ it is advisable to have contracts translated by a native legal professional. It is also highly recommended to stipulate in the contract which language takes precedent should a conflict arise.

For example, in the Czech Republic, international documents should also include the correct identification of the company including their registration number, as well as the name, function and signatory of the agency. Documents should also be stamped and signed. In France, it is preferable for all documents to be provided in French to avoid contesting of the content should a problem arise. However, it is not mandatory to do so, and the contract will still be valid even if written in a foreign language. With 35 international lawyers at your disposal, Bierens International Law is well equipped and experienced with handling agency agreements.

Legal assistance with international conflicts

Despite the fact that agreements are laid down in a signed document, conflicts may arise between the commercial agent and your organisation. If you wish to terminate the contract with your commercial agent, in most countries, you must not only comply with a statutory notice period but normally you also have to pay a goodwill allowance. Our specialised lawyers help you resolve your conflict and assist you when legal proceedings are required.

What can we do for you?

  • Drafting an international agency agreement
  • Legal advice about your current international agency agreement
  • Legal advice when terminating an international agency agreement
  • Advice when determining a goodwill compensation after termination
  • Legal advice in case of conflicts about the fulfilment of an international agency agreement
  • Proceed in case of conflicts about your international agency agreement

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Would you like to know more about drafting an international agency agreement or do you have a discussion with your commercial agent and would like some advice? Contact us today. We will be happy to help you.

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