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Our Promises

Conducting business successfully is all about making good agreements. Agreements about the delivery or service, but also about the payment, liability and warranty periods. We provide legally strong contracts, give advice on discussions or business conflicts with your business partner and if necessary we can assist you during legal proceedings.

With us, your organisation always comes first. You can count on us. Our superheroes always deliver the best service. Whatever your question, we promise you can count on us and our 4 super powers. And we always live up to our promises.

Super power 1: Legally strong and understandable contracts

At Bierens International Law, our lawyers help you draw up and check business contracts as well as general terms and conditions. We ensure that these contracts perfectly match your business operations, so that the risks to your organisation are limited as much as possible. We do everything to ensure that you have a solid foundation to conduct business from on an international level. We provide legally strong and watertight contracts, in an understandable language!

Super power 2: Fast and targeted conflict resolution

Are the contractual agreements from your contract not being fulfilled by your business partner? For example, because the wrong goods were delivered or because you are not satisfied with the service? Or has your international customer been declared bankrupt? Even in these scenarios, we can help you. We ensure conflicts are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Practical solutions are our goal here. We want your organisation to be able to resume business quickly without losing precious time.

Super power 3: Avoid unnecessary legal procedures and costs

Our aim is to always resolve your conflict in the extrajudicial phase. Legal help from our lawyers does not mean that you immediately have to go through a difficult, expensive and long process. 85% of the conflicts we resolve are without the intervention of a judge. Sometimes, however, a legal procedure is inevitable. In this case, our lawyers assist your organisation ensuring that you are legally strong in court. Our lawyers go to great lengths to achieve the best result for you and your company.

Super power 4: International legal support

Bierens International Law is there for SME’s and multinationals. Whether you are an international accountancy firm or an international distributor in the fashion industry: we want the best for your organisation. We combine our knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship with our legal expertise. This way, you are always assured of the best legal solution for your organisation with Bierens International Law.

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How can we help you?


If your company is experiencing legal difficulties, if you have an international dispute, if you need help drafting or reviewing contracts or you simply have a legal enquiry and don't know who to turn to, get in touch with us today.

Our international team of specialist lawyers can help. We can alleviate your concerns, protect your business and work with you to resolve cases as quickly as possible.






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