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Alexandru Buzamet

Our team of lawyers (Avocat), specialising in Romanian law, have helped thousands of companies expand into the Romanian market including the energy, retail, finance, transport and manufacturing industries.
As natives, our Romanian team are comfortable with all things Romanian. They are fluent in the Romanian language, as well as English, and understand both the personal and professional business culture in Romania.

Litigation in Romania

Do you have a contract conflict with your Romanian business partner? Our Romanian desk can help with that too. Our team are highly educated in, and experienced with, Romanian law, litigation and legal proceedings within Romania.
We are a formidable force and will protect your business should your case require litigation.

What can we help you with?

We can help you with all the legal needs of your business including:
· International business contracts, distribution and agency agreements
· National and international mergers and acquisitions
· Drafting and checking terms and conditions
· Securities and bankruptcies
· International liability

Working with us

Alexandru Buzamet specialises in Romanian law. Bucharest born, Alexandru Buzamet graduated in 2009 from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. He went on to achieve a Master’s in Business Law in 2010, covering insolvency procedures, corporate law, commercial arbitration, civil and commercial guarantees and commercial contracts. Alex continued his studies at the Romanian National Institute for Training and Improvement of Lawyers for two years, practicing as a trainee lawyer.

To further his knowledge and experience, Alex began working as an intern with Salans-Moore & associates (now Dentons). During the three years that followed he gained much practical knowledge and experience of the activities and practices of a multinational law firm. Before joining Bierens Law in September 2014, he worked at Vilau & Mitel law office, as a consultant and a litigator in the banking and finance department of the Practice and then for Fortunescu & Gavat, further developing his knowledge and skills in the field of banking and finance law.

Alex speaks 3 languages; Romanian, English and Dutch, and is fully competent in Romanian and international business law. Together, with his team, they can support you with all your contract requirements and business disputes. Utilising their knowledge and expertise, they can ensure your company is protected, when conducting business with a Romanian company.

We can be an extended arm of your company if required. Especially, for long term, complex projects, we can act as senior legal counsels, supporting your legal department. Members of our team with specific knowledge and expertise can be hired to enhance your performance and reach your goals quicker. Whether it’s acquiring a company in Romania, merging or setting up a new branch, we can become part of your team.

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How can we help you?


If your company is experiencing legal difficulties, if you have an international dispute, if you need help drafting or reviewing contracts or you simply have a legal enquiry and don't know who to turn to, get in touch with us today.

Our international team of specialist lawyers can help. We can alleviate your concerns, protect your business and work with you to resolve cases as quickly as possible.






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