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Sometimes it is not possible to resolve an international business conflict in an amicable way and a legal procedure is inevitable. Business relationships and communication may have completely broken down and an agreement cannot be reached together. In some circumstances, your counterparty can and will take legal action against you. Our lawyers can assist you, ensuring that you are in a strong position during legal proceedings.

Reasons to start an international court procedure

There may be several reasons to start an international court procedure against a customer, client, supplier or renter. Our lawyers can assist you in, among other things, the following situations:

  • To force a customer to pay
  • Realise fulfilment, in other words demand that your contracting party still complies with the agreements from the contract
  • You want to terminate the contract with your supplier
  • You want to hold your supplier liable and claim compensation
  • Dismiss a rental contract

You will be stronger with a specialised lawyer

Our team of international litigation lawyers are on your side. We represent your interests during the entire procedure. Before we go to court, we identify your views and wishes and examine the legal position of both parties. Sometimes it appears, for example, that a legal procedure is not the best solution in your situation, so we will always discuss this with you openly and honestly. In addition, we always check which legal procedure is the best option to resolve your conflict as quickly as possible. We can support you during the following legal proceedings:

  • Writ of Summons
  • Seizures
  • Requesting a bankruptcy

When it comes to legal proceedings, we are your strategic partner. We support you during the entire process, both before and during the legal proceedings. Our international litigation lawyers have extensive experience in resolving business disputes and therefore know better than anyone else how legally you are the strongest. We stand behind you and do everything we can to achieve the best result for you.

Clear about costs

A legal procedure is often costly and takes a lot of time. We will always give you an estimate of the expected costs in your case. Only when you agree, we will then take legal action on your behalf.

Advice from a specialised international litigation lawyer

Do you have a legal dispute, and do you want to start international legal proceedings? Or do you have a question about international legal proceedings? Contact us today. Our international litigation lawyers will be happy to help you.

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