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Contract negotiations can often take a long time, especially if you are conducting business internationally. Under which conditions should you conduct business? And which law applies to the agreement? Negotiating these points is often the last step before the deal can be closed. Both parties must compromise but it is also important that both parties fully understand the contract before they sign. Of course, where applicable, this also applies to the general terms and conditions. Our lawyers assist you during the negotiation phase and ensure that your contracts are watertight. This way you can confidently conduct business with your new business partner.

The benefits of choosing Bierens Law

We are specialists in the field of contracting. Your company can count on legally strong contracts that match your daily practice. Our specialised team of international lawyers have already helped hundreds of companies with the drafting of clear, fair and realistic contracts and general terms and conditions.

We can help you with the following:

  • Drawing up clear and legally strong contracts and general conditions
  • Legal advice for contract negotiations
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the other party
  • Drafting or reviewing a letter of intent
  • Drafting or reviewing a non-disclosure agreement
  • Legal assistance in stopping contract negotiations

Legal conflicts during the pre-contractual phase

In principle, each party has contract freedom. This means that you can decide yourself with whom you conduct business and under what conditions. You may therefore cancel the contract negotiations at any time. However, there are situations where you cannot just end the negotiations and where you may have to pay damages if you do. In these circumstances, we can still help you to achieve a good solution for your organisation.

Successful contract negotiations

Good preparation is essential to bringing the negotiations to a good result. It is therefore important to undertake a risk analysis in advance, especially when conducting business internationally. In Greece, for example, we run a background check on the debtor’s financial situation through the Commercial Registry and the Cadaster to see what property belongs to the company and if there are any charges or claims.

It must also be clear what can be negotiated, and what is not up for discussion. Items that are often negotiated are payment conditions, commencement of the contract, agreements regarding delivery, price, dispute settlement and complaint handling.

We have more than 65 years of experience in the field of international contracting. Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of international companies from various industries to draw up legally strong contracts. Moreover, we assess many business contracts daily and we assist international businesses when they have a legal conflict. Because of this we know what the biggest pitfalls are and how to prevent them. With our help you are strong during contract negotiations and you can conduct business successfully.

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