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The law firm of the future

In 1952 the Bierens family set up their law practice in Veghel, an entrepreneurial town outside of Eindhoven. In the early days, Bierens Lawyers was still a local office that assisted companies and private individuals in the local area with their legal questions and conflicts. The law firm of that time helped clients in all conceivable areas such as criminal law, family law and entrepreneurial law.

The business lawyers

As industries boomed, many more companies found themselves in need of business lawyers. The demand for legal aid for complex entrepreneurial issues increased considerably. Our office responded to this by specialising in the legal issue’s companies faced.


As our business grew, so did our reputation. More and more companies sought out our office for legal support in the Netherlands and further afield. From 2000 onwards, we extended our services to all of Europe. We now assist companies all over the world. With 20 international desks and more than 35 international lawyers, we work hard every day to help our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Progressive and innovative

We are proud to be an ever-evolving law firm. As times change, so do we. We not only keep up to date with changes in the law, rules and regulations but we also actively seek and embrace innovation.

Many law firms are often perceived as dusty, grey and boring, but we think it is important to be progressive in our services. We are involved in various innovation projects such as smart contracting, big data and machine learning and we work together with innovation managers from JADS University, Dun & Bradstreet and ING. An example of this is how we use data to better predict the chances in your case and adjust our approach accordingly.

Personal and close

The interests of our customers are always paramount and at the forefront of everything we do. We translate complex legal issues into understandable language for businesses. We strive for practical solutions that really help your company. Our family business is also characterised by an informal atmosphere. We think it is important that you feel at home with our family. Customers can always count on personal contact with our lawyers. Being close to our customers, means we can guarantee the very best service.

High customer satisfaction

But don’t just take our word for it. This can also be seen in our customer ratings. According to independent measuring instruments, our service is highly appreciated by our customers. For example, on average we score above 8.5 for customer satisfaction and we have an NPS score of 38.

Thanks to our many satisfied customers, we have grown at a record pace in recent years. Not only do many of our customers continue to use our services faithfully, last year we also welcomed 1350 new customers. And our growth doesn’t stop here: the lawyers of Bierens International Law are committed every day to help you and further improve your organisation. This way we're ready for the future. Are you?

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If your company is experiencing legal difficulties, if you have an international dispute, if you need help drafting or reviewing contracts or you simply have a legal enquiry and don't know who to turn to, get in touch with us today.

Our international team of specialist lawyers can help. We can alleviate your concerns, protect your business and work with you to resolve cases as quickly as possible.






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