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Germany is an important international trading partner. Many foreign companies continuously do business with Germany and have been importing and exporting goods for many years. Due to Germany’s dominant economy in combination with its geographical location, many companies are active within the German market. On average, over €100 billion is exported to neighbouring countries. However, in most cases German legislation may differ to your own country.

Bierens Law has a German Desk to assist domestic and international companies. The German desk offers consultation on legal trade matters across borders. From the moment your company conducts business in Germany, you can count on our German Desk. We ensure that any potential risks are eliminated and can help you with contract management in Germany.

Litigation in Germany

The German Desk is a collaboration between German (Rechtsanwalte) and international lawyers specialising in international contract law and commercial and procedural law. By combining our knowledge, we assist both German and international companies with their international legal issues.

German lawyers in your country

Our German attorneys and lawyers specialise in international trade cases. This enables us to assist you while conducting business with your German clients. Whether you need advice on your legal rights, obligations or when you have a conflict in trade with a German customer, our lawyers can help you. Our lawyers are fluent in German and English and are familiar with the rules and regulations and business culture in Germany. With our specialists you are in a much stronger legal position.

Specialists in international law

The German desk also consists of several international lawyers who specialise in international law. If you are experiencing a conflict with a German trading partner, you will have to determine which judge is competent to judge your case. Should this be the German judge or the judge in your country? Moreover, under which law should litigation take place? Under the German law or under the law of your country? Our lawyers have extensive knowledge on international contracts and procedures and can provide you with the best possible advice.

How can our German Desk help you?

Whether you are planning to do business in Germany or if you have a business conflict with your German customer, our specialists at the German Desk will always provide you with the most appropriate support and advice on the best course of action for your case. We can help you with the following:

Team German Desk

Our German Desk consists of both German and international lawyers. Over the years they have assisted various German and international companies.

  • Suzanne van Loon: international lawyer
  • Roman Zemtsovskiy: Rechtsanwalte (German lawyer)
  • Evelien de Haas: international lawyer
  • Katja Quensel: Rechtsanwalte (German lawyer)
  • Vivienne Broeze: Rechtsanwalte (German lawyer)

Contact our German specialists

Would you like more information on what our German Desk can do for you? Or do you have a question for our specialists? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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