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Business services is one of the largest sectors of the international economy, but also one of the most versatile and dynamic. For example, accountants, employment agencies, ICT service providers, financial service providers, cleaning companies and advertising agencies belong to this sector. Although this sector is growing, there are also major challenges. With the help of automation, robotization and data analysis, processes are optimised to make work more cost-effective.

Today, clients are more knowledgeable and experienced in the fundamentals of services, meaning they can do more for themselves and are seeking specialisation from their suppliers. Moreover, customers have become more critical about the quality of service, the added value and the costs. In turn, this has created more frequent discussions and legal disputes between business service providers and their clients.

Do you have a dispute with your client or supplier? Then turn to our attorneys. We help you solve your business conflict and ensure that a quick and practical solution is achieved that suits your organisation.

Common conflicts in business services:

  • Advice is not valuable
  • Hourly specification is missing or unclear
  • Duty of care has been violated
  • The issued hourly details have been significantly exceeded
  • The created software or hardware does not work properly
  • The invoices are not paid
  • The agreement is terminated prematurely

Your options for conflicts in international business services

Are you dissatisfied with your service provider e.g. the services provided by an accountant, notary or employment agency? Have you tried but failed to reach a satisfactory solution together? Or are you a service provider yourself and do you want to discuss the quality or costs of your service? Then there are a number of legal options available to your organisation:

• You can still demand compliance; for example, you ask your software supplier to still deliver the software package as agreed in the contract. Or if you are the supplier yourself, ask your customer to still make the payment as agreed.

• As a client you can reclaim the money that you have already paid and terminate the contract.

• Has your service provider caused damage to your company? Then you can claim compensation. In addition, in some cases you can also cancel the contract.

Every contract and situation is different and the legal rules and processes for disputes in each country are different. This can make international business conflicts seem like a minefield. We have over 35 experienced international attorneys that will work with you so that the best solution for your organisation is achieved.

The right steps in the legal field

To resolve an international business conflict, it is important that the right legal steps are taken. If your service provider does not comply with the contractual agreements, it is often necessary to first send a notice of default before further steps can be taken. This notice of default must meet specific requirements, such as giving a reasonable term to the other party to still comply with the agreements made. Also, when you terminate the agreement, legal and/or contractual rules apply that you must comply with.

In practice, it is common for this procedure to go wrong which can have far-reaching consequences for your organisation. For example, if you wish to end your contract and have not sent a notice of default, the termination will then not be legally valid. As a result, you will remain bound by the (payment) obligations of your contract and you will also not be permitted compensation. Or even worse: you yourself could be liable for damages because the agreement has not been dissolved correctly. Therefore, make sure you call a specialist in time. Our lawyers always strive for the best solution for your organisation. Preferably without the intervention of a judge, but if necessary we also assist you in the judicial process.

Specialists in solving international legal conflicts

At Bierens International Law, our team of lawyers specialise in solving business conflicts regarding business services. They are knowledgeable and are aware of the latest developments in the international legal field. Would you like more information about resolving an international dispute or do you have a conflict with your supplier? Contact us today.

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