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Our team of lawyers (Adwokat), specialising in Polish law, have helped hundreds of companies expand into the Polish market including the energy, retail, finance, transport and manufacturing industries.
As natives, our Polish team are comfortable with all things Polish. They are fluent in the Polish language, as well as English, and understand both the personal and professional business culture in Poland.

Litigation in Poland

Do you have a contract conflict with your Polish business partner? Our Polish desk can help with that too. Our team are highly educated in, and experienced with, Polish law, litigation and legal proceedings within Poland.
We are a formidable force and will protect your business should your case require litigation.

What can we help you with?

We can help you with all the legal needs of your business including:
· International business contracts, distribution and agency agreements
· National and international mergers and acquisitions
· Drafting and checking terms and conditions
· Securities and bankruptcies
· International liability

Working with us

Kasia Durlik and Joanna Haftka work together on our Polish desk. Kasia is a Dutch lawyer with Polish roots and Joanna specialises in Polish law.

Born in Warsaw, Kasia moved to the Netherlands when she was 6 years old. After studying law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, Kasia graduated in 2009. As a lawyer, Kasia is an expert in contract law and handling international disputes. Her Polish roots combined with her ability to speak both the Polish and Dutch language fluently, cuts out the middle man and allows her to be the sole point of contact for both customers and counter-parties.

Obtaining her Master of Law at the University of Gdansk, in North Poland, Joanna Haftka began her legal career working in various legal and commercial capacities at a range of large Polish companies. Since joining Bierens, Joanna now focuses primarily on civil law, but is also involved with many other areas of Polish law.

Together, with their expertise in contract, corporate, civil, liability and procedural law, Kasia and Joanna can support you with all your contract requirements and business disputes. Utilising their knowledge and expertise, they can ensure your company is protected, when conducting business with a Polish company.

We can be an extended arm of your company if required. Especially, for long term, complex projects, we can act as senior legal counsels, supporting your legal department. Members of our team with specific knowledge and expertise can be hired to enhance your performance and reach your goals quicker. Whether it’s acquiring a company in Poland, merging or setting up a new branch, we can become part of your team.

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