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When drafting a business contract, you usually also set conditions for the delivery. You expect these agreements to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, it is possible for things to go wrong with deliveries. Failure to deliver as agreed may result in damage to your business. What's more, dealing with an international customer or distributor adds another level of complexity to the process. If you have experienced a problem with your delivery and want to recover damages from the supplier, contact us today. We can assist you to ensure that you still receive what you are entitled to.

What can we do for you?

Bierens International Law focuses on solving business conflicts. We can assist you in the following situations:

Specialised in solving international business conflicts

We have a team of more than 35 lawyers specialising in contract law internationally. They can assist you when contractual agreements regarding the delivery have not been fulfilled.

Advice from a specialised lawyer

Do you have a conflict with your supplier about a delivery? Or would you like to know more about your legal possibilities? Then contact us today. Our team of international lawyers are happy to help you.

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