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No matter your size, all businesses will have to deal with various legal matters. Especially when it comes to conducting business internationally. Although you probably prefer to engage in business, it is important that your company is legally in order. This can save you a lot of hassle in the future, such as a long and costly legal procedure.

Obtaining timely advice can prevent this. Legislation is also becoming increasingly complex and often changes. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of corporate law. We understand what you are doing as a business. Whatever your question is, our lawyers always provide clear and practical advice that will help your company.

Terms and conditions and contracts

Are you conducting business with an international party and wondering whether you should agree to their terms and conditions? Or do you want to record the agreements with your customers in a contract but don’t know which form best fits your organisation? Our lawyers specialise in international contract law. We advise you on the use of various business contracts and, if necessary, explain the terms of the contract to you in an understandable language.

Contract discussions

It is possible that there is a discussion about, for example, the fulfillment of a contract. Ideally you want to avoid a heavy legal procedure, and quickly continue with your core business. Our lawyers answer all your questions about contracts. As a sparring partner, we think alongside your organisation and provide practical and efficient solutions.

Court proceedings

Has your customer filed a legal action against you? Wondering what your options and opportunities are? Or do you want to start legal proceedings yourself? Our lawyers help you make the right choices. We advise you whether you are in your right, whether a legal procedure is actually necessary or if there are other possible solutions. This way we ensure that your conflict is resolved as quickly as possible.

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