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Have you received a summons? That means you are being summoned to appear in court. The subpoena explains why you have been summoned and at what time you must appear in court. You can be summoned for various reasons. For example, it may be a monetary claim that has not yet been paid or contractual agreements that are not being met.

Respond to the summons

When you have received a summons, it is important to take action quickly. If you do not respond in time to the summons, you will be convicted. This is also called a default judgment. The process is different in each country but generally for claims up to € 25,000 you may respond to the summons in writing or orally in court. When it comes to international summons, documents may need to be provided in the native language of the country; if English is one of the official languages of the country, then documents may be provided in this language. In most cases it is wise to consult a lawyer. This prevents you from leaving important legal arguments behind or that your position is not sufficiently demonstrated.

You stand stronger with our lawyers

Our team of international litigation lawyers are on your side. We look after your interests if your organisation has received a summons. We can represent you if your organisation has received a summons, in any European country. Our international lawyers litigate strategically, ensuring you take the correct legal positions. Thus, making sure you are correctly and justly presented when summoned by another party.

We are your strategic partner during the legal procedure, supporting you during the entire process both before and during the legal proceedings.

Specialised in solving international business conflicts

Our litigation lawyers have extensive experience in resolving business disputes and therefore know better than anyone else how to present the strongest legal defense for you. We stand behind you and do everything we can to achieve the best result for you. Not only do we have expertise in the legal field, our specialists also know how to translate this into practical and efficient solutions for your organisation and in the native language of the court. Your interest always comes first. We strive to resolve your business conflict as quickly as possible.

Advice from a specialised litigation lawyer

Have you been summoned? Do you want advice from a specialist? Contact us today. Our international litigation lawyers are happy to help you.

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