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Corona crisis: challenges faced by companies, possible solutions and legal effects in France and the Netherlands

  • natasha

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses. While some were forced to shut down and others remained operational, COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty. Many businesses are unsure of the current rules and regulations and what impact this will have in the long-term. Our lawyers Yassin Jarmouni and Hanneke Zandvoort from the French desk share their insights in a webinar. In collaboration with the Franse Kamer Van Koophandel, our lawyers discuss the following topics:

  • Legal effects on French and Dutch law
  • Challenges with existing contracts according to French and Dutch law
  • Challenges and solutions with new contracts according to French and Dutch law
  • Status of bailiffs including serving documents and seizure possibilities
  • Status of statutory limits
  • Bankruptcies for urgent cases

Find out what our lawyers have to say and discover how these rules and regulations may impact your business.

Would you like to know more on how COVID-19 may effect your legal affairs in France or in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us, our lawyers would be more than happy to help.

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